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Since launching in July 2018, Portland Waterjet Cutting has provided precision waterjet cutting services to a huge range of industries. Owner/operator Jamie Compton has a wealth of experience in waterjet cutting, and is passionate about delivering quality workmanship regardless of the job. Jamie lives by the motto that there’s nothing he can’t cut. It doesn’t matter if you have intricate CAD designs or just an idea in your head for the part you need, Jamie can make it happen.

Using state of the art technology, and the only waterjet cutting system in Portland that can cut bevels, Portland Waterjet Cutting can cut anything from 0.4mm gasket paper to 200mm stone and steel. There’s no project too small or too large, as the Techni Waterjet i713-G2 cutting system can handle sheets up to 2100mm x 4100mm and 200mm thick. Using computerised Precision Angle Control (PAC), Jamie can cut parts with angles +/- 60 degrees, and this is just one of the things that makes Portland Waterjet Cutting stand out from the crowd.

Portland Waterjet Cutting sets itself apart from other cutting services because of the unique waterjet technology they use. By using a narrow stream of water rather than lasers, the results speak for themselves. This precision cutting method won’t heat the material, meaning there’s no warping or heat affected areas. The cutting process isn’t affected by reflective surfaces like laser cutting, and the end result requires little to no secondary work.


Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Tool Steel, Hardened Steel, Tin, Titanium and many more.

Brittle Materials

Plate glass, Art glass, Ceramic Tiles, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Plexiglass, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, PVC, Vinyl, Carbonfire, Foam, Rubber, Neoprene, Nylon Silicone plus more.

Natural Materials

Leather, Hardwood, Plywood, Porcelain – natural materials require discretion.


If what you need cutting isn’t on the list, speak to Jamie. Portland Waterjet Company won’t just cut anything – they’ll cut everything!

We cut everything.

At Portland Waterjet Cutting we don’t cut anything. We cut everything. As the only waterjet cutting company in Portland who can cut bevels, we’re your number one choice no matter what industry you’re working in. For custom waterjet cutting jobs, you can’t go past the precision and reliability provided by Portland Waterjet Cutting.

We service all industries including automotive, garden, Bluegum industry and heavy industrial and many more. From exhaust manifolds to heavy industrial base plates, we can do it all. If it needs cutting, we can cut it! If you need the highest quality waterjet cutting services in Portland, Victoria, make us your first and only stop.

Heavy Industry.

When it comes to working with heavy industry, nobody does it better than us. Not only do we have the waterjet cutting technology and expertise, but we’re a local company who understands business. Your machinery and equipment are your livelihood, and we understand that. If something needs to be repaired, you need the job done quickly and effectively to get back up and running. We can make that happen.

Whether it’s wear plates, base plates, flanges, cutting edges, feed in roller teeth or any other machine components you need, we can help. Waterjet cutting can deliver custom solutions and precision that laser cutting simply can’t. Importantly, your cut materials won’t have any heat affected zones and they’ll require little to no secondary finishing work. This means quicker results and less down-time for your equipment. We can work with bevels too.

For the very best waterjet cutting service in Portland, Victoria, make us your first choice. We understand local industry and the need to get your job done right the first time. Our professional service and precision cutting technology won’t let you down. No job is too big or too small – at Portland Waterjet Cutting we deliver results that our competitors can’t match. So, contact us today for all of your heavy industrial waterjet cutting needs!


The biggest benefit of using waterjet cutting services for the automotive industry is the incredible versatility it offers. It doesn’t matter what parts you need for your automotive projects; Portland Waterjet Cutting can provide a solution.

We can cut anything from exhaust manifolds, suspension components, gaskets, ABS sensor plates, carburettor adaptor plates and even special custom designed bling for your car!

The beauty of using waterjet technology for automotive projects is there are no heat affected zones or stresses on the cut materials. The end result is stronger, more durable parts with little to no need for secondary work.

Our waterjet cutting system uses non-hazardous abrasives when cutting through stronger materials like titanium, steel and bronze without compromising on speed and precision. This is why it doesn’t matter what materials you need cut for your automotive projects; Portland Waterjet Cutting can service all of your needs.

From carpet to door panels and all parts large and small, we deliver multi-dimensional cutting solutions that won’t require additional finishing work. Our waterjet cutting service saves you time, energy and gives you the professional results you need.

As an experienced, local waterjet cutting service in Portland, Victoria, come and talk to us today for all of your automotive cutting needs.


If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb, you’ll know that it’s not just the living things that make a garden special. At Portland Waterjet Cutting we can work with you to make your amazing garden ideas come to life.

For example, you might have a personalised design for a bench seat in your garden. We can work with you to cut all of the components you need. But it’s not just larger items that make your garden a peaceful sanctuary. If you love spending time in your garden, why not give it an extra special touch of your individuality?

We can help you create a huge range of decorative pieces for your garden. You might want your own unique sets of wind chimes or wind spinners even some individualised name stakes for your vegetable garden. We can provide custom waterjet cutting services for all of your decorative garden needs, from wall hangings to animal silhouettes and customised signs.

We can also use our waterjet cutting system for pavers and outdoor tiling, so speak to us today for all your outdoor and garden water cutting needs. Every great garden should reflect the personality of its owner – we can help make that happen!

Forestry Industry.

Portland Waterjet Cutting are proud supporters of our local Forestry industry and are always happy to assist with those bigger, industrial jobs that need a professional touch.

As the only waterjet cutting system in Portland, Victoria who can deliver multi-dimension cutting technology and bevelled edges, you can rely on us for your heavy-duty work. Where outdated laser cutting techniques fail, Portland Waterjet Cutting has the expertise and equipment to deliver tough products and reliable service. We pride ourselves on being able to tackle any job for any customer, and that’s what makes us unique.

Unlike laser cutting, our state-of-the-art waterjet technology won’t cause heat affected zones and create stresses that may undermine the structural integrity of your working parts. From base plates to cutting edges and all types of machinery components, we can deliver results you can rely on. We understand you’re dealing with expensive forestry equipment, and we’ve got he expertise to get the job done right the first time.

We’re proud to provide Portland Waterjet Cutting services for all Forestry industry customers in surrounding areas. Whatever your waterjet cutting needs, we can deliver professional results that won’t let you down. Contact us today – we can cut anything for anyone. If there’s a solution, we'll find it!

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